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Pink lake

Pink Radiance in the Heart of Senegal

Discover Lac Rose

Welcome to Lac Rose, a natural wonder located in the heart of Senegal, where the salty waters sparkle pink under the generous African sun. Explore this unique treasure with Teranga Tour Guide and discover an enchanting destination that will awaken all your senses.

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Pink Sparkling Water

Lac Rose takes its name from the unique pink hue of its waters, the result of concentrated salt and micro-organisms. The color of the water varies throughout the day, creating a magical spectacle that amazes visitors.

Activities: Swimming, boat trips, lakeside relaxation.

Traditional Salt Harvesting

Join in the age-old tradition of salt harvesting at Lac Rose. Local workers, dressed in bright colors, extract salt from the salty waters, creating a lively and culturally rich scene.

Activities: Guided tours of the salt pans, meetings with workers, participation in the salt harvest.

4x4 adventure

Explore the surroundings of Lac Rose on a 4×4 adventure. Travel the surrounding sand dunes, discover breathtaking scenery and soak up the raw beauty of this region.

Activities: 4×4 excursions, driving on sandy tracks, birdwatching.

Book Your Pink Escape

Explorez la magie du Lac Rose avec Teranga Tour Guide. Réservez votre évasion dès aujourd’hui et plongez dans la splendeur et l’éclat unique de cette merveille naturelle.